Multi-family office services

Apricus Finance Multi-Family Office works with ultra-high-net-worth individuals or families through two perspectives: Family governance and Investment governance.


Multi-family office services

Family governance will formalize the family’s values and objectives:


What are the behavioural drivers?
What should the family activities and assets look like in the future?
What are the financial and potentially the social goals?


When this is well defined and understood, it should help decrease potential family conflicts and disputes, and increase family harmony. This also favours a smooth transition to the next generation(s). 


Investment governance will implement strategies for selecting portfolios of investments that meet the family needs while respecting predefined risk parameters. Such strategies may include all asset classes and may also include socially responsible investments and impact investing.

Multi-family office services

The first step will be to categorize the capital in different parts, in function of the goals to be achieved by each of them. Considering the time horizon and the risk tolerance for each will determine the relevant asset allocation. The consolidation of them will determine the strategic asset allocation. Apricus Finance helps identifying the most adequate custodian banks and investment managers in order to achieve the stated objectives.



At a second stage, the Apricus Finance Multi-Family Office team provides a whole range of consolidated and consistent reports (on performance, on risk, on costs, etc.) which will substantially increase the transparency and control on the family’s wealth.



Apricus Finance has access to a vast network of external advisors and providers for specific purposes, including legal and tax advice. It also provides administrative and operational support when required by the family.