Wealth management

Apricus Finance attracts a broad range of clientele, including private individuals, trust companies, endowments, institutional investors, professional intermediaries and other tax compliant accredited investors, with widely differing assets and investment requirements.

Recognising this, we establish client mandates – agreed objectives, guidelines and risk tolerance – around three types of investment services: discretionary, advisory and supervisory.


Discretionary portfolio management

The most common of our customer relationships, discretionary management, entrusts the day-to-day management of clients’ invested assets to Apricus Finance. This empowers our investment managers to use their expertise to the full, always acting within the agreed mandate and offering regular itemised reports, giving our clients more time to run their other affairs.

Advisory relationship

For clients who are active investors, but require our expertise to identify market opportunities and risks, Apricus Finance offers an advisory service. Our expert investment advisors know the client portfolios and will interact with the client based on his areas of interest and existing portfolios. The final investment decision remains with them.

Supervisory mandate

Where investment portfolios are spread across an array of different banks and asset managers in various geographies, clients rely on Apricus Finance to monitor the performance of all their assets and consolidate them into a single report. This global overview is essential for keeping a tight grip on their wealth at any time and make sure that it remains within the predetermined asset allocation and risk matrix.